People Not Politics

The disconnect between politicians and the people is a recurring theme that appears in nearly all levels of government around the country. The lack of empathy found in politics is a major reason for its failure in protecting the liberties we once proudly exercised. Over several years the erosion of our liberties has had bipartisan support, and the people have suffered because of it. It’s time to put people above politics. As your representative I will fight for your liberties as if they were my own, because they are. I don’t have friends in high places, and unlike some of my opponents I’m not connected to any particular industry. Instead, I will fight for your tax dollars, and for your property rights no matter who you are.

If this is something you support then please consider signing my nomination petition so that others may have the chance to vote for #PeopleNotPolitics this November.

Michael McFarland
Libertarian Candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives

Note: You must be registered to vote in Legislative District 14 to sign my petition, and you must be registered as either an Independent, a Libertarian, or a party that otherwise does not have ballot access.

Need to update your voter registration? You can do that here!

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